Village pour la Paix
Start of the session
01 October 2020
End of the session
02 October 2020

Child Rights in Action was launched by Initiatives of Change which works to develop citizen involvement to improve social cohesion. The Child Rights in Action programme gives children a voice, enabling them to contribute to the development of a fair society in which fundamental rights are respected. This programme includes a week-long international forum which encourages discussions between children and adults.


As part of the Child Rights in Action programme, Initiatives of Change will host a workshop on Thursday 1st October (14h30-16h) with personal accounts from children who have lived in war-torn areas. This event will take the form of a human library. The principle: the books in a human library are people who have a story to tell to a small group of “readers” who are interested in their story. After an initial focus on the story, a discussion with the “readers” begins. The story can include photos and symbolic items and can feature several elements: the place where the story took place, the issue which was raised, who was involved and how adults and children could have worked together to solve this issue.


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